SINN special watches: special exhibition in the Frankfurt company building

SINN, a leading manufacturer of special watches, is presenting a large special exhibition in its company building in Frankfurt am Main from February 22nd to April 6th, 2023. The representative atrium becomes a museum-like place. In addition to the spring innovations for 2023, numerous historical photos and exhibits related to the company's history can be seen exclusively and for the first time. These include a Sinn Nabo navigation clock 17, which survived the crash of a fighter jet unscathed, or the Reile-Porsche 911 RSR, with Walter Röhrl won the Costa Brava Rally, with a Sinn 917 Rallye Chronograph on the hood.

The exhibition architecture is implemented using Modulap lightboxes from the AP_80 and AP_175 series. The large-format wall elements with uniform, brilliant illumination, high-end printing, high stability and flexible positioning and combination options are perfect for the open and timeless exhibition concept. Some elements are suspended from the ceiling as highlights that can be seen from afar. Some of the valuable exhibits are presented directly on the lightboxes on magnetic holders that can be positioned flexibly and without tools. With a selection of flexible Modulap ONE elements, SINN creates an individual atmosphere with facets of a museum, exclusive boutique and modern showroom. After the exhibition, the Modulap elements can be stored and transported in a space-saving manner and can be flexibly reused in new contexts.

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