Modulap Texframes: Smart, light and versatile

Non-illuminated textile frames from Modulap are versatile elements for mobile trade fair and exhibition construction as well as for modular architecture in general. The applications are almost unlimited. Use Modulap Texframes as displays, as unlit exhibition walls or floating ceiling sails. Combine the Texframes with Modulap Lightboxes and Lightframes, without any tools, and play with the contrasts. In addition, Texframes can serve as an alternative to lightboxes and lightboxes, e.g. if no illumination is required or no electricity is available. Modulap Texframes are available in the two system heights of 2150mm and 2460mm and in selected other formats.



Robuste leichte Textilspannrahmen

If you are looking for a particularly robust and light textile frame, you have come to the right place with the Modulap Texframe. Thanks to the quick and easy assembly and the creative possibilities, Modulap frames are part of many trade fair sets, brand spaces and pop-up stores. Loads typical of trade fairs, where roll-up displays or stretching frames made of plastic quickly break down, are no problem for the Texframes from Modulap, which are made of light and stable aluminium. Each frame is set up within minutes and ready for use - whether as a free-standing display at trade fairs, at events and in the retail sector, or as an element of a trade fair set or an individual trade fair stand.

Modulap accessories for non-illuminated text frames

Use the extensive Modulap Zubehör for your clamping frames. You can attach the practical Modulap accessories to your Texframes via intelligent, pluggable rails and integrate new functions into your modular exhibition stand - from brochure holders, shelves and magnetic holders to tablets and TV mounts for screens and touchscreens. The assembly is of course tool-free. And if normal screens are too small for your vision, simply use the Modulap Texframes as a projection surface for videos and graphics.

Combine textile frames and LED light frames

The non-illuminated Texframe textile frames from Modulap are available in many variants, from the small Texframe measuring 820 x 820 mm to the 3000 mm wide variant for large exhibition walls and wall constructions. This allows you to realize any design cost-effectively and with minimal effort. Stack Modulap Texframes on top of each other and create individual design grids. Expand existing exhibition sets, pop-up stores and mobile exhibition stands by adding text frames or simply use them as a back wall. You can securely connect Modulap Texframes with all Lightboxes and Lightframes using the supplied connectors.