Design for Greater Sustainability in Trade Show Construction

As a manufacturer of modular architectural systems for
We assist our customers and partners with trade fair construction and live communication,
Trade fair stands and brand worlds simpler, more effective, and more sustainable
shape. Since our founding, we have been committed to innovations made in Herten,
for example with our holistic modular architectural concept,
tool-free connectors, simple integration of digital media, versatile
Accessories and intelligent transportation solutions. More and more companies
commit today to sustainability and provide transparency regarding
of their ecological footprint. This pleases us greatly, and it confirms to us in
our approach. Together with them, we design modular architecture, today
and in the future – resource-efficient and transparent.

Design your brand world with Modulap more environmentally friendly

Through trade fair and exhibition construction with Modulap, you can compared to a
conventional construction, and also in comparison with other trade fair construction systems,
save a lot of time and valuable resources. Below you will find typical
Approaches to make your trade show appearance more sustainable with ease.

1) All elements 100% reusable
All Modulap elements such as our Lightboxes, Lightframes, Cubes, and the
Trade show floors are designed so that you can use them over and over again – thus
are you saving natural resources.

2) A set, 1000 positioning options
Thanks to the modular design, you can always expand your Modulap trade show booth at any time in
Vary the layout and size flexibly and adapt at any time to new locations and
Adjust positioning situations.

3) Reduced energy consumption
Through the use of special LED bulbs, RGB color control, and a
optimized power supply, the energy consumption of all illuminated
Elements minimized.

4) Integrated Transport System
At Modulap, you receive the appropriate packaging for every set and every application
for transport and storage – from slim system boxes, to roll bags and beyond
to robust flight cases.

5) Simpler Logistics
In contrast to conventional exhibition stands, you can with Modulap your
Transport volume and transport weight and thus also your transport costs
dramatically reduce.

6) Quicker to set up and take down
Almost all connections at Modulap are tool-free. Thanks to the simple
and robust connection system, you can quickly set up your trade show booth
assemble/disassemble and pack.

7) Repairs and Spare Parts
If you lose a part or something gets damaged, stay calm. All
Modulap products are fundamentally repairable and we maintain for all
important components spare parts in advance.

8) Short distances thanks to 'Made in Germany'
We rely on short distances for our suppliers and components and
Transparency. A large portion of the purchased products we obtain from
Manufacturers from Germany and the EU.

9) Certified print media
In the textile fillings and prints we use, we rely on
Printing process with minimal emissions and certified quality materials
with a long lifespan.

10) More sustainable materials
As the first trade show booth manufacturer, we are switching the aluminum used
Green Aluminium. This is how valuable raw materials are conserved and the
Energy consumption reduced by up to 80%.

In Focus: Reducing CO2 Footprint through Green Aluminium

Aluminum is light, sturdy, and versatile.
That is why it is an ideal material for modular architecture. Yet the
Production of primary aluminum from bauxite, a natural source of aluminum ore,
is very energy-intensive. Recycled aluminum or 'secondary aluminum', on the other hand
can be obtained from already existing aluminum material. This process
is extremely efficient, as aluminum can be melted down any number of times and
reuse. By switching to recycled aluminum, large
Save large amounts of energy, reduce waste and negative impacts on the
significantly minimize environmental impact. That is why we, as the first trade show booth manufacturer
begun, the aluminum used to the more environmentally friendly variant
to switch, and in the future we will only use Green Aluminium.

Here you can learn more about why and how we use Green Aluminium (à Blog post)

Case Study: The syspro Trade Fair Booth Grows Sustainably

Do you have questions about sustainability and transparency in trade fair construction?