The exhibition floor by Modulap

If you want to create a mobile exhibition stand with superstructures or raised stand areas such as a stage for exhibits, you need the appropriate exhibition floor. The Modulap system floor is the ideal companion for your presentations at trade fairs, congresses and events. Whether as a floor for large exhibits, as a flexible live stage or for lounge and meeting areas, our trade fair floor endures all demands and always looks good. Choose from three timeless colors. The elements for the Modulap system floor are available in 1000 x 1000 mm, which is suitable for most areas of application, and in 945 x 945 mm, especially for the combination with our BIG ONE light contours and for extra-large walk-on cubes.



The design floor for your trade fair presentation

The right trade fair floor can be decisive for a trade fair appearance. Stand areas can be emphasized and spatially emphasized with a floor, creating exciting stand designs. Use the floor to create e.g. stage situations, define lounge and meeting areas or present particularly large exhibits and exhibits on the exhibition floor. A trade fair floor can also make sense from a structural and static point of view. If you have a large exhibition stand or a stand concept with larger structures, stand elements such as walls, booths or steles can be attached to the exhibition floor. So you have the necessary stability even for larger brand spaces. And if you use electronic devices such as TV screens, tablets, computers and refrigerators in your trade fair set, if you use lights and illuminated ceilings, or if you want to supply your exhibits with electricity, you can hide all power and data cables in the Modulap Lay exhibition floor.

Suitable for all Modulap products

With the Modulap ONE floor modules in the 1000 x 1000 mm format, you get a visually appealing and robust system floor for your mobile trade fair stand from Modulap. Use the Modulap system floor for large trade fair stands, for professional trade fair construction, to fix superstructures or to lay cables under the stand so that they are safe from view and footsteps. Create raised surfaces and emphasize exhibits and stand areas. The robust inlays for the exhibition floor are available in black, white and silver. The modules in the 1000 x 1000 mm format are ideal for flexibly connecting them to floors of any shape and size.

Create seamless X-Cubes

With the Modulap floor modules in the format 945 x 945 mm, you can create large-format cubes and cages in combination with the Lightframe contour of the X series. These BIG CUBES can accommodate, for example, entire lounge areas, meeting areas or particularly large exhibits such as cars, motorcycles and industrial components. No matter what idea you want to realize in your BIG CUBE - with the Modulap ONE system floor you have a beautiful and robust floor that fits seamlessly with the Modulap Lightframes, offering a firm footing and completing the Modulap BIG CUBE.