Intelligent accessories for your mobile exhibition stand

Mobile architecture is more than just walls and counters. Whether functional pop-up store, lounge area or flexible brand space with impressive screens and multimedia elements: the functional details make the difference. That's why you get the right accessories from Modulap, from tablet and TV mounts to shelf boards and product displays, right through to professional magnetic holders. With Modulap, you can create mobile exhibition stand with extensive accessories as a complete, coordinated solution from a single source. So you can be sure that everything works. Choose the elements from the extensive range of Modulap accessories.




Maximal flexible Messestände dank Zubehör

Do you want to place exhibition objects on a lightbox? A large TV screen should be attached to a light frame? Would you like a multimedia live set for your performance that integrates images, videos and other digital media? Or do you want to present products on flexible, robust shelves like in a department store? If you are looking for practical accessories for your mobile exhibition stand, there are hardly any limits with Modulap. From shelves in different sizes, with and without a clothes rail, to various leaflet and brochure holders, to flexible mounts for monitors and touchscreens, Modulap offers you a wide range of accessories to functionally expand your mobile brand space or your trade fair set.

Attach accessories to your exhibition set without tools

You can use the Modulap accessories together with all our light frames and lightboxes. The accessories are usually attached to vertical slot rails attached to the side. Here, for example, shelves and clothes rails or our multifunctional rail can be hung up easily and without any tools. You can even use the Modulap multi-rail directly in the light frames. Forget complicated screws and tools. The TV screens should hang higher? Would you like to add another shelf to your Lightbox? Or would you like to arrange your exhibits differently depending on the location and setting? With accessories for mobile trade fair construction from Modulap, you can do any of these immediately in just a few simple steps.