Modulap One Sets

Mobile exhibition stands in a modular design

Modulap's modular exhibition stands combine trendsetting design, quality and maximum mobility. With our Lightboxes, Lightframes, Texframes and many more elements, you can create mobile trade fair sets, brand spaces and modular architecture as easy as never before. Choose one of the sets directly from our store and customize components and details. Or use the Modulap exhibition stand configurator and plan your individual trade fair set in 3D now.



Modular trade fair construction, unlimited possibilities

Modular exhibition stands from Modulap combine forward-looking design, quality and maximum mobility. Whether small or extra large, eye-catching or cool and discreet - with the Modulap system for mobile trade fair construction you can create impressive modular trade fair sets, brand spaces and pop-up stores. Experience attractive design and many practical functions - at trade fairs, congresses and live events, as a pop-up store or in a multimedia studio. The Modulap system with lightboxes, light frames, LED cubes, counters and smart transport options offers you mobile architecture with maximum flexibility - whether as a trade fair stand, promotion set or decorative elements for your reception area, meeting room or office. After the event, all parts disappear in the integrated Modulap transport system. So your set is well protected, easy to transport and always ready for the next use.

Live-Marketing with mobile brand spaces

Mobile trade fair stands from Modulap offer you possibilities that you have only known from conventional trade fair construction. Individual designs and a clear design language effectively present your brand message. You create unique visual highlights with luminous cubes and luminous contours. Build walls, cabins, ceiling rings, brand spaces with flexible areas, combine luminous and non-luminous elements - let your imagination run free and create your brand space with Modulap. Trust in Modulap quality, with mobile exhibition stands made in Germany. Our light and durable materials, special LED technology and high-quality fabrics and surfaces inspire even the most discerning audience.

Assemble and store mobile trade fair sets without any tools

Modulap mobile exhibition stands are easy to assemble and disassemble. With smart connectors, you can simply plug the components together and also connect elements such as light frames and lightboxes. The LED modules are preinstalled and wired ready to plug in. Thanks to our smart connector system, you can also easily connect several elements. Do you want to rebuild, enlarge or downsize a stand? Everything is possible in just a few simple steps. The same applies to the extensive range of accessories: Whether TV mounts, brochure holders, shelves or product holders, you can attach all of these to your Modulap exhibition stand flexibly and without tools with our smart rail system.

Integrated transport system for your exhibition set

Modular exhibition stands and contemporary design need small packing volume and easy transport. That's why we developed the integrated Modulap transport system. All lightboxes, light frames, cubes and counters are delivered in robust system boxes. Thanks to precisely fitting foam inserts, all components are always at hand and optimally protected for transport. If required, you can choose from additional packaging options. Our trolleys are ideal for comfortably transporting 1-2 system boxes, e.g. if you are traveling alone or with a small team, or if you also want to store the bags in a small car. Secured by tension belts, there is space for up to eight system boxes on the Modulap roller board. If you use a larger transport vehicle, you can opt for our transport cases. You can also integrate these into your trade fair set as sideboards, shelves or benches. So you have the right option for transporting your mobile exhibition stand in all cases.