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Erstklassiger Druck | Modernes Design

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Erstklassiger Druck | Modernes Design

Bring Deine Bilder zum Leuchten Mit Modulap LIGHTPICS hochwertige hinterleuchtete Bilderrahmen mit erstklassigem Druck.

Sie bieten die Anmutung und Qualität eines klassischen Galerierahmens, hinterleuchtet mit High-End-LED. Setze Fotos, Grafiken und druckfähige Motive aller Art leuchtend in Szene. Durch die Leuchtkraft wirken Bilder besonders intensiv, und neue Facetten des Motives treten zum Vorschein. Die Lichtintensität kannst du per Fernbedienung steuern. Bei wenig Umgebungslicht verteilen sich die Bildfarben stimmungsvoll im Raum, und auch bei Tageslicht leuchtet dein Motiv immer brillant. Wähle LIGHTPICS in der Größe, die zu deinem Motiv und deinem Raum passt.




A classic picture frame, reimagined

Modulap LIGHTPICS are timeless picture frames of high quality with a modern twist. At the front, the frame offers a deepening as in a classic frame with a shadow gap. The profile is beveled towards the wall so that the picture always stands out slightly from the wall. A well thought-out clip system on the back ensures a flexible cable outlet. In this way, the cable can always be positioned at the desired location. The motifs can be exchanged in just a few simple steps. For optimal results and maximum durability, we print sustainably and odorlessly using thermal sublimation printing on high-quality, translucent, eco-certified textiles. All LIGHTPICS frames are delivered in a slim packaging and are ready for use in just a few simple steps.

Adjust light colors via remote control

With the integrated, remote-controlled dimming function, the Modulap picture frame becomes an atmospheric picture light. You can control and even program the light depending on the situation. Depending on the motif and light intensity, very special accents can be set and ambience created. For example, let yourself be woken up by a sunrise, or create a cozy atmosphere to relax in the evening. You can also link several images via the app and thus centrally control the luminosity of the LIGHTPICS.

Medium for artists, photographers and designers

LIGHTPICS is your medium for bright, compelling imagery. Stage individual motifs that unfold their effect in living rooms, galleries, work environments and lounges. Or develop integrated visual concepts with the large-format, backlit LED picture frames. Renowned artists and designers present their works with LIGHTPICS, including the artist Monika Nowak, the photographer Ansgar Dlugos and the designer Luis Dilger.