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Fynn is one of the most flexible sets from the Modulap ONE series. Six ultra-light LED light cubes give you maximum freedom. For example, stack three light cubes on top of each other for a voluminous, illuminated column. Use the remaining cubes as a standing table, meeting table or for product presentation. Depending on the location, you can also attach individual cubes to suspension points to create highlights that are visible from a distance. A lightstick with two brochure holders completes the set. If you are on a creative mission, there are no limits for you with the set Fynn.

  • Booth area: 8-16 sqm
  • Construction: 1 person
These products are included in SET FYNN
  • LIGHTSTICK Q €923,00 1 Item 8.0 kg
  • CUBE S €2.604,00 3 Item 30.0 kg
  • CUBE S mit Holz Auflage €2.196,00 2 Item 39.0 kg
  • CUBE S mit Deckenabhängung €988,00 1 Item 13.0 kg
  • BROCHURE HOLDER RIGHT A4 €210,00 2 Item 1.6 kg
  • TROLLEY BAG €197,00 1 Item 7.0 kg
  • Total €7.118,00 10 Item 98.6 kg
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