• LIGHTPICS 1000 x 1400 mm

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LIGHTPICS 1000 x 1400 mm

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Modulap Lightpics are high quality backlit picture frames for residential, commercial und public spaces and galleries. The all-around indentation gives the frame a classic look. Towards the wall, the frame is slightly beveled so that it effectively stands out from the background. Special clips on the back always keep the cable in the right position.

Lightpics in the size 1000 x 1400 mm are ideally suited for smaller and medium-sized and larger rooms, for lofts, reception areas and conference rooms.

With its integrated dimming function, controllable via remote, the picture frame becomes a smart picture light. The light can be controlled according to the situation and even be programmed. Wake up to a sunrise or create a particularly cozy atmosphere in the evening. Multiple pictures can also be linked via the app and controlled centrally via the app. And with optional integration into a professional Casambi system, you can also integrate Lightpics into a larger, dynamic lighting concept.

We print on translucent textile by thermal sublimation, odorless and without evaporation. Exchange motifs with a few simple steps.