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How a trade show booth grows sustainably thanks to modular architecture

Syspro: Mobile trade show booth with maximum presence. With mobile exhibition construction from Modulap, the IT service provider Syspro realizes impressive brand appearances.

Großer Messestand von Syspro mit Deckenabhängungen, Kabine und Countern

Forward-looking design and highest functionality

With mobile trade fair construction from Modulap, the IT service provider syspro realizes impressive brand appearances with forward-looking design and highest functionality. Thanks to the modular construction and integrated system, syspro's trade fair presence is much more flexible compared to conventionally built exhibition stands, saving costs and conserving valuable resources. Syspro started four years ago with a small trade fair set from Modulap and 16 square meters of floor space. Since then, the exhibition stand has been continuously expanded, including a spacious cabin, several seating groups, multimedia elements, the luminous ceiling landscape, and the professional system floor. At EUROCIS 2024, the world's leading trade fair for retail technology, sys-pro and the RFID Network will now present themselves with an inviting, interactive, and widely visible exhibition stand with 144 square meters of floor space.


Interview with Jens Schrader sense:ability Communications GmbH

Mobile trade show booth with maximum presence

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Großer Messestand für Syspro mit Deckenabhängung bestehend aus Cubes, Leuchtkonturen und LED Messewände

Strong trade show booth impact through lightweight, flexible ceiling construction

The characteristic ceiling landscape with suspended, luminous ceiling rings and ceiling cubes is a special highlight. Floating elements thematically correspond with the individual exhibition areas. They are lightweight, quick to set up, easy to position, and impress with strong visual impact. Thanks to RGB color control, the colors and behavior of the light contours can be individually adjusted. The LED light cubes can be easily customized with individual prints. Thus, syspro can adjust the ceiling landscape as needed at any time. Like the entire booth, the suspended elements consist of modular products from Modulap. The LED Lightframes and Lightcubes are accordingly easy to dismantle and transport. And they can also be flexibly used in other stand situations and live contexts – for example, as stage decoration, as part of an information booth, at congresses, or as luminous highlights in company premises.

Großer Messestand von Syspro mit Deckenabhängungen, Kabine und Countern

Long-term sustainable trade fair concept through modular design

Modular exhibition construction offers numerous advantages to exhibitors like syspro and agencies like sense:ability – it enhances capital efficiency, simplifies setup, logistics, and inventory management, and promotes greater sustainability. syspro can vary the trade show booth at any time in terms of layout, size, and function, adapting to new situations. With one set, countless variations can be realized, from an information stand at a conference to a large presence at an international fair. At each deployment, the exhibitor can save on development and acquisition costs, speed up setup time, and avoid waste. Thanks to the intelligent, space-saving packaging system
all elements can also be uniquely identified in the warehouse at any time and are immediately ready for transport, whether by car, freight forwarding, or air freight. Thus, syspro can also save resources in logistics, reduce costs, and significantly improve the CO2 footprint of trade show appearances. This Brand Space demonstrates how a trade show booth can evolve together with the company – tailored to needs, user-friendly, and resource-efficient.